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Hair prosthesis systems

Capillary prostheses, also commonly referred to as peluquines, tupes, bisoñé, etc. they are systems that continue evolving constantly to reach the perfection and the undetectability that the great number of users request given the delicacy of the subject.

A woman's wig can be noticed and likewise look good, in which case the comment of the observers would be positive anyway. For a man it is a question of going completely unnoticed, being a matter of intimacy of absolute importance. For this reason today there are very sophisticated pieces that unlike those of all life are more comfortable and above all more natural. Even if the systems always, if they are well cut and adapted by a professional, they also get super natural .. For this differentiation there are several prices depending on the chosen format, all obviously human hair made, except some graying colors whose gray tones are obtained using synthetic hair to achieve the perfection of gray hair ..



Very well, you have taken the first step towards solving your problem. It is understandable that after the technical description that you just read about each model, you have no idea what system suits you. Relax, you have all our help.

You have 2 options The first is to go to your hairdresser to get in touch with us and we can guide you in the process of choosing your prosthesis. Unless you can not go directly to our facilities, it will be convenient to have a professional room that can meet your maintenance needs as well as cutting and adapting the first time. Maybe with some luck we have some stock already available that fits your measurements, in this case you would have it in 48 hours in your hairdressing salon. If not, then you should take measures of your head to make a "mold" that would allow us to manufacture your prosthesis to measure. Because these pieces must be anatomical, that is, fit perfectly, without hollow areas or a small perimeter with respect to your baldness. The order of your piece will take between 5 and 8 weeks depending on the work, but when you receive it, it will only be your piece and no one else's, because each head is different even if the bald spots of many men are similar.

The second option is that you contact us directly by phone to our whatsapp 695267009, and thus be able to advise you conveniently. You send us for example a photo of you, we see the color or the most suitable model for you or we decide together the hairstyle that you like and we budget it without commitment; If you do not know where to put it the first time, we would indicate a specialized center in your area.

You can also send us your old system and we will copy it , if it is what you most like.



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