Here are many wigs: how can I see everything in order and find mine?

Dear Customer,

our desire and at the same time challenge to satisfy all the possible needs of the whole world has brought us an unforeseen "inconvenience":.

the way to catalog and visualize with a certain "logical" order EVERYTHING WHAT we are making right now for you ..

There are many many wigs in models and colors and we realize that it is difficult to see and compare everything.

So while we are updating our website little by little with more videos and real photos of how much new from now on we manufacture, we have thought to give you the following suggestion.

If as in the end everyone recognizes a video is much better than a catalog photo of some beautiful model, it is on our YouTube channel where you always and in prime premium you will see everything that will be published next in our online store and successively in this Web.

In the photo below we present a screenshot of the page corresponding to our video channel called TuPeluca Factory.


If we enter it we can see the main categories of our products and the videos that are in them.

You only have to enter, here and decide which group of videos to play, taking into account that the order in which they appear is the chronological one, that is to say as they have been going up.

To know the latest news is here where you can see it exclusively.

Our WhatsApp are at your disposal for any questions or inquiries from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:00 with the possibility of calling you, and other consultations outside of these hours will be addressed as soon as possible. We remind you that they are WhatsApp of company, we can not answer obviously at night.

And ... if you subscribe to the Channel, you will receive a discount on your first order! What are you waiting for?...

A warm greeting and good vision!