Its name: heat-resistant fiber Star-10 Collagen. It is a revolutionary innovation destined in the future to supplant the use of natural hair whose availability on the market is becoming increasingly scarce.
The researchers of the multinational Kaneka Corporation, current and only producers of the renowned KANEKALON fiber and used by Tupeluca.com, have managed to synthesize from proteins extracted from natural collagens, an hair identical to that of the human being so that it can be ironed with heating tools  (irons, tongs etc ...) up to 170ºC.


Unfortunately not, Star10-Collagen is a fiber resistant to heat but NOT to technical jobs such as dyes, perms or bleaches.


With Star10-Collagen we can FORTUNATELY iron, curl or shape without worrying about damaging our extensions, wigs or hairpieces. It's fabulous, now you can change your look in a moment with our article made with this innovative heat-resistant fiber.


The heat-resistant fiber Star10-Collagen allows you to change shapes and hairstyles but maintains the last style you have chosen. Example: a smooth wig, we curl it when we wash the wig will continue curly, evidently less pronounced the curl but never smooth completely.

Another example: a curly wig , we iron it  when washed will be smooth.

It is important to note that Star10-Collagen is a heat-resistant fiber with an extremely fine texture. For what makes it so natural and similar to natural human hair. In addition to not having a bright appearance as fibers known so far and for said texture tends to faint or fall before the curls in case of curling. For a more easy and comfortable curling system of this hair, especially in wigs and clip on we recommend the use of our thermal rollers. These curls will allow you to fix waves and curls in just 20 minutes!






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Star10-Collagen is NOT FLAMMABLE with which we are not in any danger but our wig or hair extensions will be destroyed leaving a frizzy and unpleasant appearance and we will not be able to use it anymore due to its unsightly appearance.

          HOW LONG SHOULD MY  heat resistant Star10-Collagen EXTENSIONS LAST ?

It will depend a lot on the system that we have placed. But generally a month and a half to two months is ideal if we do not abuse plates and tongs. Unfortunately the extensions do not last as long as a wig or hairpiece. Because we sleep with them and use more fixing products and dryers to comb daily.

That we can iron Star10-Collagen does not mean it's indestructible. We must take care of our article protecting it with water and recommended products in each use of tongs, plates or heat utensils. If we do, we can have a wig for over a year, unlike the extensions, since we do not sleep with it ...

However, if with time or poor care, this hair will start to become dry and rough at the tips, we can with hair dryer recover its original appearance. By giving it heat, we get an authentic impossible reconstruction with natural hair or any other fiber.


See the incredible and extreme case of a very VERY damaged wig which has been poorly maintained and has become unusable:




Maintenance of extensions and wigs Star-10 heat resistant

HOW SHOULD I WASH AND COMBINE MY EXTENSIONS or WIGS of heat-resistant fiber Star-10?

It is very simple, using a moisturizing shampoo, that is, all those shampoos that do not dry out the hair but rather provide hydration because they contain conditioners in their formula. For example the shampoos indicated for dry hair, damaged, punished, dyed etc ... I wash my extensions without rubbing too much. We untangle previously with a paddle brush without barbs preferably or with wide barbs. (to avoid breaking the knots and damaging the hair). Successively we apply (in dry) "express conditioner" (biphasic) spray without rinsing. Thus favoring hydration and shine without "greasing" too much as in the case of masks for human hair.

We will start brushing slowly. Little by little, from the tips up. Unraveling eventually the knots that may have been formed by the natural rubbing with our clothes. Or even, as in the case of any other hair, due to the many hours in movement ..

Every time we remove a collagen clip-on extension for example, it will be good practice to untangle it as described above.

Inside and out, as it could be entangled by natural rubbing with our own clothes, with the seat of a car or simply by the movements of hair for a whole day. Successively apply the express conditioner guaranteeing perfect hydration, good texture and soft touch like new. If we do not take care of it by following these steps, it is very likely that we will accelerate its gradual drying process. Acquiring the hair an ugly and aged appearance. However, if this happens we can always recover it with heat as mentioned. Unless the neglect and deterioration is very advanced.

After unraveling the extension or the wig, with a large brush, we will vaporize the "no-rinse leaving conditioner " gently shaking the hair so that the product filters and penetrates, hydrating both inside and outside and returning the tips to their original shape.

It is NOT advisable to apply masks or moisturizers that are usually used for natural hair since the fiber does not have the capacity to absorb this type of products with the consequent result that the hair would get stuck and become greasy and progressively damaged.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to understand that the unraveling must be done with the utmost care. The protein hair Star-10 Collagen is as fine as human hair and therefore we could break it or damage it.

IT IS COMPLETELY NORMAL that such long hair (like any other extension) gets tangled.

Example. The model ERIKA, 75cm long unlike the other Clip On (Esmeralda, Estrella, Elisabeth etc.) that are not so long and smooth, is rather suitable for certain special occasions. Where we have to take into account this peculiarity taking care of our movements like when we get on the seat of a car or crouch abruptly with the head down ... For example take it sideways when making movements or changes of sudden positions . And to know that its unraveling requires a certain attention and manipulation. All kinds of entanglements up to the most difficult can be undone with patience and care. It's no good brushing, as if we were brushing our hair. With this gesture if we hit a knot we could break the hair or create a certain frizz effect because its elasticity would be deforming its shape. We would find a disappointing result in the aspect as if it were old for years ... but still ... And here is the most AMAZING feature, we can recover its shape and texture again. With heat, ironing it again and returning to its original state as if it were new !!!

Isn´t it Great?...