Heat resisting Ponytails Star-10 Collagen

Fastening WITH clamp or comb

By default and as most recommended, the most successful hairpieces in our collection have a comfortable and secure clamp for placement. However, for what they prefer and they ask for, there is the possibility of integrating a lighter and flatter comb in their place that will ensure the fastening in the finest hair without excessive weight even giving up some volume as in the case of the conventional clamp



OFFER: Sale / final stock / discontinued artícles :


Ponytail (clamp or comb) KAROLINA KANEKALON 30€

This model belongs to our old collection of hairpieces made with the classic fiber “always”, the so-called Kanekalon, and is currently discontinued for having left room for the most advanced version Karolina Star-10 Collagen, and therefore in liquidation its Last existing units. Note its comb version instead of the classic clamp (still available if indicated in your orders)

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