Section dedicated to oncology clients with presentation of our collection of handkerchiefs, caps and oncology turbans

Wigs, handkerchiefs and oncological turbans are also known for their usefulness in the unfortunate case of diseases and medical treatments that cause hair loss.

We want to help you smile ...

Aware of this, we strive every year to produce new discrete and current models. For those people who may need a wig, a handkerchief, an hat or a turban for health reasons. And just want to maintain a normal look without trying to draw much attention

Obviously a wig is not the solution to the problem. But surely it can contribute a little more help in maintaining self-esteem. And so alleviate the bad moment that is going through.
In solidarity with all those people affected by problems of this type. offers a 50% discount with a VIP card. Free and exclusive concession to all those ladies who request it.

If you are a Professional when accessing our online store you can view your preferential prices only if you are registered and you identify yourself with your access data.

If you do not do it, you can browse the store but you will still see the prices of the general public.

This works like this to preserve the confidentiality of your rate as a Professional client.

How do you get *?

Here are the only two requirements:
1) Providing a medical certification that allows us to validate this discount. And that will be valid for 1 year, renewable. This discount applies directly to our online store, after previous registration and granting of the coupon.
2) Following the instructions of this link to help us with our promotional initiative of our YouTube Channel, subscribing therefore to it.

* The Official Selling Points of our Brand do not apply this promotion. (More information: +34.630.849.237 -
** The special discount applies exclusively to wigs. It DOES NOT apply in any case to other items such as volumaters, ponytails, fringes, scarves, turbans, caps or any kind of hair extensions.

 Latest novelty as an oncological capillary supplement but also as an alternative undetectable system for cases of alopecia and shortage of hair in general





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Made in Spain with love and passion.