Oncological caps and Hair Profiles

Section dedicated to oncology clients with presentation of our collection of oncology handkerchiefs, caps and turbans and hair profiles

Wigs, handkerchiefs and oncological turbans are also known for their usefulness in the unfortunate case of diseases and medical treatments that cause hair loss.

Here are the most popular styles of our collection. All turbans an caps are proudly made in Spain at TuPeluca Factory:



Made in Spain with passion and love

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Less known and of utmost importance are the so-called "profiles" or "crowns" of hair, a very comfortable and, above all, undetectable solution, which is an alternative to the whole wig to rest from it at home as well as in an informal place.

At TuPeluca.com we have thought of a line for each age in both natural hair and collagen. Elastic and invisible support, we can exchange the hat we want depending on the occasion, our wardrobe or the season, keeping under our hair that can be (or not) the same length and color of the wig we already have for that nobody can notice anything ... There is no way to describe the absolute comfort that these hair profiles provide us especially in summer when high temperatures make it very hard to wear a wig all day ...
We present below the models inspired by our most successful wigs, keeping in part the most similar name to be able to recognize the style with more familiarity if you already have one of these wigs: in order of appearance from left to right: Akilita, Larita, Luanita, Veronica and Wilma


Also available in human hair:


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