Heat resisting wigs Star-10 Collagen Protein Hair

TuPeluca.com is pleased to present our 2018 collection full of novelties, with exclusive models, current, classic, daring for all ages, aware of the needs of each of our customers in finding the perfect wig for your case.
Click on the corresponding photo to view all the wigs belonging to each group. For ease of consultation, we have divided them into 3 groups: short / medium wigs, medium length wigs and long wigs. All obviously made with the revolutionary Star-10 Collagen quality fiber. Remember that after scoring your favorite model you can buy it directly in our online store

The main novelty has been the definitive conversion of the classic classic synthetic (Kanekalon fiber) to the protein hair Star-10 Collagen. This supreme quality is increasingly preferred even to human hair wigs, which have a higher price as well as a more complicated maintenance. We remember that when washing they lose their shape and almost nobody knows how to comb them, ending up taking them to the hairdresser with an added economic outlay as well as an inconvenience).
The heat-resistant wigs called "collagen wigs" (ie, made with the special Star-10 Collagen fiber) are high-end synthetic :they do not shine like other wigs of other qualities. That's why they have a very natural look, as well as the same texture and feel as natural ones. They can even be molded with heat up to 160 ° C. Using curlers, irons, hair dryer, tongs, etc. When we wash them, they do not lose their shape representing an advantage and extreme comfort with respect to natural wigs. The latter at minimum humidity begin to disheve and gradually deform. They go very unnoticed for having a very natural look. They cost less, last longer and take better care of themselves.



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