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Collagen Monofilament Mono Top Wigs is pleased to present its high range of monofilament wigs, also known as "mono top wigs", characterized by a special type of confection that gives the wig an even more natural and undetectable appearance. The front and top of these models are made entirely by hand so that a natural scalp effect can be observed.

Especially indicated for people with problems of severe alopecia or total baldness due to medical treatments, they are lighter and more breathable and therefore more comfortable.
We can also comb our hair in the desired direction: both the bangs and the stripe can be moved to our liking, unlike the simple machine sewing that limits this possibility.

Being collagen, we remember, can comb different styles and maintain the hairstyle after washing longer than a natural wig, ultimately an optimal choice in terms of general characteristics.
From some of the most successful models in normal machine making, we present the monofilament versions in this collection preview:



 Wig Mono Top model Cleope Star-10 Collagen



 Wig Mono Top model Veronica Star-10 Collagen



 Wig Mono Top model  Judith Star-10 Collagen



  Mono Top Wig model Sandrine Star-10 Collagen 




 Mono Top wig model Donatella Star-10 Collagen




 WIg Mono Top modelLuana Star-10 Collagen



Page under construction...soon more models colors

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