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We wantyou to be comfortable with your wig

Dear Customer,

The importance of wearing a wig comfortably is not only naturally found in the quality of the materials that compose it, which the hair, (be it natural or less), its textile parts, rubber bands, hooks, protective fronts, the finish of the contour of the flexible ear, etc.
There is nothing more important than a custom-made confection that takes into account the shape of your head, that makes you feel safe and that does not "overwhelm" you as much as possible, something not always summarized in a size "S", "M" or "L".
Our workshop staff carries out the important work of preparing a wig with the exact measurements of the client, especially when, for health reasons, they have lost or are going to lose their hair. In these cases, the overall volume of the head is considerably reduced compared to when we buy the wig even with hair for example.


In this section we publish the measurements as they should be taken to ensure a personalized and anatomical size so that the result of the purchase is highly satisfactory, something not always so possible when we buy a wig in a hairdresser or online without knowing from where comes or if this service is guaranteed with the purchase ..



and..How to perfect my wig even more?

Throughout the many real videos of our natural wigs, we have highlighted the important option regarding the internal finish of a wig.
The vast majority of our models, with a few exceptions, can be made with different types of finish as far as construction is concerned.
We can make your wig entirely by machine, with transparent tulle TOP, or even with a transparent tulle frontal/hairline or crown for more realistic effects.

The simplest and most economical is the machine one, the whole wig is entirely machine-made, durable and resistant with the limitation of not being able to comb a very marked part as it happens with the transparent tulle finish, except that when wearing a machine crown it is possible also comb the hair with a certain orientation to one side or the other. We can choose between open and closed cap, one breathable, the other more delicate when wearing a wig for many hours

MACHINE MADE (Confección a maquina)

Simple, practical and economical, especially valid for those who do not intend, for example, to have a clear forehead and therefore with whatever bangs, straight or sideways, we can cover the edge of the forehead of the wig cap, hiding it completely.
If you are not "anti-fringe" at most you can add a tulle crown as an extra. Or simply comb your hair from the crown of the machine following the desired orientation; Of course, without being able to mark or define a clearly visible line because the interior seams would prevent




A very natural effect to be able to appreciate some detail such as the transparency of those areas of our head from where our hair is divided to shape our hairstyle: undetectable crown or skin effect stripe add an undetectability value to our wig. Option available in the vast majority of our machine-made models. If you like it, you can also order it for those models in our catalog where it is not presented.Un efecto muy natural el poderse apreciar algún detalle como la transparencia de esas zona de nuestra cabeza desde donde se divide nuestro pelo para dar forma a nuestro peinado: coronilla indetectable o raya efecto piel añaden un valor de indetectabilidad a nuestra peluca. Opción disponible en la gran mayoria de nuestros modelos confeccionados a maquina. Si te gusta, puedes pedirla también para aquellos modelos de nuestro catalogo donde no se presenta.



It is the most realistic effect for a wig and the top end finish even more important than the "monofilament" of all life. Perhaps something more delicate than other types of bases but surely more comfortable, breathable, flexible and easily replaceable in case of deterioration, you do not have to buy the entire wig again. We change it for another, we put it with highlights in summer, when you feel like changing a little ...



Sophisticated innovation appreciated by customers with alopecia problems who do not have enough of their own hair on the sides to pull out to disguise the effect of the contour of the wig cap. Available on request when formulating your order. If you buy the wig directly online without this addition, do not worry that it will be invoiced separately when our customer service team will call you to confirm your order.


All these different details will allow you to choose the wig that best suits your aesthetic and naturally economical needs.

Remember: our APP FOR CHAT "TELEGRAM" is at your disposal for any questions or queries from Monday to Friday from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the possibility of calling you, and other queries outside these hours will be answered as soon as possible. We remind you that  it is a Company number , we obviously cannot answer at night.

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