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Crowns and Volumaters

There are many people in years that reflect this problem and many people cause even a huge complex, now it's over!
These Volumaters are larger in the area to cover where the hair is scarce and presently for this reason they integrate better with our hair, giving a very natural look: they leave us combed impeccably as if wearing a wig without being one. Great advantage in summer when the heat to wear a wig is very uncomfortable.
With these Volumaters, if we have heat we do not have such a bad time because leaving behind our nape, if we sweat we do not have the same feeling of closed cap that is a wig, therefore we will be much more comfortable: we will not even notice.
Under this aspect they are great .. We only need to have a little bit of hair where we can hook the 5 clips of fastening.
Alicia Amparin Antonieta Belinda
Celineta Cobi Julia Mara
Mini Cecilia Mini Cleope Mini Concha Mini Cristy
Mini Flores Mini Flory Mini Ingrit Mini Ivana
Mini Laris Mini Luana Mini Luna Mini Polar
Mini Roby Mini Saro Mini Wilma Noris
Sheyla Simonetta Valeria Victoria

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Fillers-Frontal Hair Pieces

Adapted with clips, ideal to cover or fill areas where scarce hair available in many formats and different hairstyles, these lightweight and small pieces are adapted with our hair giving a populated appearance to our hair without unduly altering our style if not more Perfecting it.

Here 2 models of the smallest but with enough volume:

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