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Hair Pieces-Pony tails Star-10 Collagen

(clamping system)

Manoli  Viviana Jessica Carry  Karolina


Tie pony tails Star-10 Collagen

(Hold with loop, less volume less weight)

Emily (55cm)  Greta  (65cm) Esme    60cm) Erika   (75cm) Braids (60cm)



Star-10 collagen hair pieces

Practical, easy to put on, light and very versatile.

Thanks to its flexible wires you can get different forms: from the smallest and most discreet, typical of the lifter's lifeline, to the most open and large way with which to look a great and elegant collection of hairdressing done by yourself!

 Suitable for all occasions where to be beautiful so we only need to make a very good ponytail with our own hair and place these beautiful models on.

Available in 65 colors, get them now at our Online Store

Hair Piece MARIANA Star-10 Collagen

Hair Piece

ANNAMARIA Star-10 Collagen

Hair Piece MIRIAM Star-10 Collagen


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