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Dear friends,

Wigs are also known for their usefulness in the lamentable case of diseases and medical treatments that cause hair loss.

Aware of this, we strive every year to produce discreet and current models for those ladies who may need a wig for health reasons, and who just want to maintain a normal appearance without pretending to draw much attention.

Obviously a wig is not the solution to the problem, but surely it can contribute a little more help in maintaining the self-esteem and thus alleviate the bad moment that is going through.

In solidarity with all those affected by problems of this type, Tupeluca.com offers a discount of 50% by means of a VIP card of exclusive concession to all the ladies who request it, providing a medical certification that allows us to validate this discount and that will have Valid for 1 year, renewable.

This discount applies directly in our online store, after previous registration .

The Official Sale Points of our Brand may not apply this promotion. (More information: info@tupeluca.com)

Alternatively we present our new collection of turbans:

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